temporary management

Our multifunctional skills (strategy, organization, sales, marketing …) with our passion, are value, teamwork, “learning by doing” and the booster that companies expect from our managers.

Our approach is direct and hands-on:

Quickly assess the current situation, resources, aspirations and define the objective tobe achieved in a certain timeframe.

Implementing and sharing the execution plan with a tight and motivating timing.

• Project management, leading of dedicated resources and periodic reporting until the objectives are achieved.

Some examples and situations in which we bring value:

  • Company turn-around and organizational, digital and sustainability innovation processes.
  • Realization of projects and simultaneous training of new managers, teams, business units including for generational changeovers.
  • Export and internationalization plans, entry into new markets, countries, and channels.
  • We are a consolidated network of managers, for business development in Italy and in over 30 main hubs in the world, which can be your local Temporary Export Managers.
  • Strategic management, organizational, marketing and management planning and management control
  • We work in different industries, those of our excellence are the production, distribution and retail companies (store planning, category management, private label, etc.) of:
    • consumer products (food, beverages, wine, dairy, organic, healthy, detergents, cosmetics, Para pharmaceuticals…)
    • products of the supply chain (packaging, ingredients, fragrances, enzymes, etc.)
    • Products for building, furniture, home, objects and design
    • Retail of other consumer products (fashion, electronics, sports, gardening, pet-care, etc.) and ho.re.ca.

We are INNOVATION MANAGERS, registered in the MISE list, for the innovation to which the company must always be focused to compete, grow, develop talents, unique and successful skills.

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