The supply chain, increasingly “circular”, is the journey of a product in its becoming, within a production and distribution system, understood as a set of elements and operations that contribute to its formation and transfer, up to final use.

The Supply Chain is the environment of relationships, collaborations, and strategies.

The “inverse or planned” supply chain is the ability to successfully prefigure, starting from the knowledge of the final and intermediate demand for goods and services, the mechanisms and processes of trade-retail-consumer marketing, the most effective actions, and methods to produce what can be sold successfully.

Producing, distributing, and selling seems the simplest thing in this world, but in a competitive system, with thousands of players it is not easy It is not enough to “be good”, you have to be better than others. A good “value for money”, a good service, dialogue’s capacity, until being repeatedly preferred by intermediate ad final buyers, and consumers.

We are therefore Managers and Lecturers in Distribution and Retail Management, Business Management, Marketing Disciplines and we collaborate in training with initiatives, academy, business consulting: tailor-made with Expertise on Field, for Retail Brands with IPLC, for internationalization with Alliance experts for training in the retail industry with Retail Institute and for training in Business Management, Food & Beverage, Retail Marketing and Distribution with Bologna University Business School

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