We support the company in the planning and implementation of the international sales development plan and in entering new markets.

The main obstacle in the path of internationalisation is the lack of adequate partners to rely on and the lack of expertise and knowledge of foreign markets, very often also due to the lack of adequate professional figures in the company. With our international organisation, thanks to the reliability of professional figures with expertise, it is possible to penetrate local foreign markets.

We have a clear approach because everything starts with an analysis of your needs, with the possibility of receiving personalised support and of defining together differentiated marketing strategies in the various countries in order to generate leads and obtain higher profit margins.

We can help you define the ideal partner profile (Importer, Distributor, Agent, Customer) to distribute your products or services abroad.


Our added value:

  • We help you select export countries thanks to our “World Trade Analytics”, elaborated on your specific products, to identify the most profitable regions, distribution channels and international partners.
  • The presence in the country of reference to capture those intangible shades useful to orientate in the sudden changes and to identify also the next steps after the introduction of your product or service.
  • The possibility to explore countries that are growing but have strong barriers, including cultural barriers, that hinder access to and knowledge of specific distribution channels.
  • In-person consultancy in the country of interest helps to support the environment, for example, by helping to reduce air transport, which in Europe is responsible for 13% of human-related greenhouse gas emissions.
  • With our international organisation Alliance Experts we are TEMPORARY EXPORT MANAGER in the financing mode of INVITALIA and SACE SIMEST:

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