Are you just looking for an idea or do you want to make it happen?

Do you want to expand into new countries?

Are you looking for a manager in the world?

Expertise on Field

We help companies to become international, expand and export, find managers all over the world and offer our managerial skills and experience for your development. We are close to you, thanks to other managers like us and being part of global platforms, we are in more than 30 countries: we live there, we speak the language and we know the culture and the business.

What We Do

Management & Consulting

Depending on your needs, you can enjoy the usefulness of flexibility in all we do, we help you from the very first steps to:

  • define a strategy
  • manage together the implementation process or some phases
  • do some activities on your behalf with temporary management

International & Export

We help you to enter new markets profitably. We prepare first-hand information for your opportunities. You can use our services for:

  • planning market entry
  • searching and select local partners
  • making agreements and managing local representation

Global Search for Managers

We help you find the manager you are looking for all over the world because we operate in real time as one global office:

  • have a web 2.0 approach
  • provide process monitoring and online results
  • apply a personalized, scientific and replicable method in the research process

Examples of Industries & Expertise

We are skilled in management, marketing, sales and procurement: from supply chain to B2B sales networks, from food service to retail and distribution.

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